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Whiskey production

Whiskey production

Jules Löwenthal sep 24, 2017 whisky worth knowing 2 Comments

How does the production of Whiskey work?



Basically, making Whiskey, which involves more than just firing, has changed almost nothing in the last 200 years. The ingredients are still the same. Water, barley and yeast are needed.

What does change is our preference. A few decades ago it was not at all fashionable to drink a single malt whiskey. In all public places there were blended whiskeys and no single malts and almost no one could name more than a handful of distilleries. That is a bit different now and it seems that only a smoky (English: Peated) whiskey is the only right one.

The production process consists of a number of recognizable steps. Not all steps are so clearly recognizable in a modern production process.

The steps in the production process are:

malting (English: malting)

grind and make (mashing)

yeasts (English: fermentation)

distilling (English: Distillation)

maturation (English: maturation)

cold filtration (English: chill filtration)

bottling (English: bottling)

View the 1st phase: MALTING


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      Yani Franco
      Apr 28, 2019

      Wat een geweldige post voor whiskyliefhebber. Bedankt voor het delen en het goede werk te blijven doen.

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      Jul 12, 2020

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