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Jules Löwenthal nov 5, 2017 whisky worth knowing 1 Comments

Introduction Malting Grinding Yeast Distilling Ripening Filtration Bottling

Whiskey Production


Phase 6 - Filtration

Why Filter

Making a delicious whiskey lies in finding the right balance of flavors. Components that do not taste good should be removed and the components that enrich the taste should not be removed. In a whiskey there are various components that, in addition to influencing the taste, also influence the clarity of the whiskey. For example, certain components, such as fats, will clump when the whiskey is cooled and the whiskey becomes turbid. There are also components that sink to the bottom of the bottle over time and form a layer at the bottom of the bottle.

Cold Filtration

To prevent a whiskey from becoming cloudy, it is therefore necessary to filter. This is done by cooling the whiskey to even below 0 degrees Celsius to clot the unwanted components and let the cooled whiskey run through a fine filter. We call this "cold filtration".


However, there is a tendency to leave the whiskey as natural as possible and not to filter out any components that can make the whiskey cloudy. This is indicated on the bottle with "non-chill filtered" or "un-chill filtered".

"Barrier" Filtration

On a bottle can be stated "barrier filtered only" this is nothing special. All whiskey, when tapped from the barrel, is filtered to remove "small pieces of contamination". This can be wood splinters, charcoal or other contaminants.

You can imagine that when moving (rolling) and closing / opening the barrel, a considerable piece of charcoal can come loose from the inner wall. These really do not add anything to the taste of the whiskey and you do not want that in your glass. That is quite different from cold filtration in which fats, which also determine the taste, solidify at a low temperature and are filtered in this way from the whiskey.

I just ask myself if there is a difference between "un-chillfiltered" and "barrier filtered only" .... there seems to be no difference.


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