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Jules Löwenthal sep 27, 2017 whisky worth knowing 1 Comments

Whiskey Production


Phase 3 - Yeasts

The drained wort is cooled and stored in large tanks (English: Washbacks). Traditionally these storage vessels are made of wood but stainless steel tanks are used in the modern distillery.

Whiskey fermentation process in full swing

The yeast (English: yeast) is added to the barrels and the fermentation process (fermentation) will start. The yeast will convert the sugars into alcohol. It is clear that the choice of yeast also, or a small one, influences the taste of the whiskey.

The fermentation process takes about 2 days but can also take longer. The duration of fermentation also has an effect on taste. The liquid that is formed after a few days has a low alcohol percentage, somewhere between 5% and 10% and is called "wash". This can be compared with the alcohol percentage of beer.

Beer is produced when the wash is supported in barrels. When the wash is fired, whiskey is produced.

Next phase: DISTILLING


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